Rosa palustris (Swamp Rose) – with pollinators

A few weeks ago I payed the great swamps another visit. I was lucky enough to spot a few beetles hanging out on rose. Previous post on swamp rose is here.

Watching bumblebees bumble around flowers is one of the best things to observe during spring. They are a crucial part of the American ecosystem. Most bumble bees are social bees, some of the only colony forming bees found in the Americas. All bees that form large beehives are not actually native to the United States.

The result of the pollination is a fruit, generally called a Rose hip.

Fruit of the Marsh rose, also called a Rose hip.

2 thoughts on “Rosa palustris (Swamp Rose) – with pollinators

    • Thank you! It is a beautiful flower, but its fragrance is what won me over. It filled the swamp up. No wonder the bee is going crazy 😛


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